Thursday, 6 July 2017


On an extremely serious note ... people I'm close to have recently started to open up to me about their very personal issues and I feel like it's so important to remind you all that my inbox can also be open to you too. There are some things in life that I've always questioned and it's been the same with people for as long as I've remembered- people are beings I've always found to be very interesting. Honestly speaking, there are some touchy subjects, I won't touch upon here, that specifically spark my interest and lately I've been confronted with people who have issues with said subjects- people I thought I knew. Now I don't know what I've done to deserve this knowledgeable insight into their lives but I'm thankful. You can know a person for six years and speak and joke around with them all of the time but, do you really know them? Are you there for them? It really blurs your vision once you start to think of a person in a certain way then discover that things aren't always what they seem.
It feels like you've been lied to, deceived, doubted, underestimated, betrayed... 
Most times it isn't about you, it's up to the person to tell you when they think the timing is right. There's only so much that we can do- you cannot help a person who doesn't want to be helped and you cannot feed the one with a closed mouth- but, if a person calls to you, help them. Treat people great whether you want to or not, everyone has an issue they cannot stand to fight anymore, don't add to it. Also, value others and let them know that you value them, it goes a very very long way. xo.

Monday, 26 June 2017


I have no intentions to blog everyday but, I'll try my best to do so at least 2-3 times a week. Things have been busy around here for me but, this stress has suddenly given me a newfound motivation if that makes any sense at all? Have any of you ever experienced some sort of inner-self awakening? I thought I had one a couple of years back but, that was really nothing compared to what I'm feeling right now- pretty cool. Have y'all ever felt trapped in any way? Like the walls are closing in on you? Take a trip to town. You don't have to buy anything or do much but, just get out of your head and appreciate the scenery of the buildings or maybe even the landscape. Don't think about what's bothering you- just look around and think of the small good things in life, any favourite scents, foods or hobbies? Use those little things to your advantage. I promise you'll feel better.
Perhaps if that doesn't work for you, then try focusing on the bigger picture- maybe what you're going through is small in comparison to what the future may hold and what else is happening around you.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

I'm back and I'm better ;*

Hi there I'm Lynn, great to meet you and nice to see you. Hope you've all been doing well, it's been a while since I've last posted on this thing- say three years or so? Well I'd like to re-introduce myself ... I'm happy to say that I've changed and you probably have too. Believe it or not, high school is over for me and I'm ready to begin a new chapter in my life, not that things have been bad but, they could've been better- BUT I am extremely thankful for all that's happened to me or around me. Hopefully y'all feel the same way right, trying to stay positive about things while being realistic ... that's the only way I know life. How have you all been? Very good I hope, I send virtual hugs and kisses to those of you who need it xoxo :) let's turn a new page together- tell me how you've all been doing :)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day:

     Happy Valentines day! You guys are amazing and I hope all of you are alright.
   Okay, now let's get real, today you're probably; at school, with your significant other OR spending the day at home eating half price chocolates while surfing Netflix. Quite frankly, the last one seems to make the most sense to me I mean, really ... half price chocolates only happen once a year and relationships are cliche *sarcasm* This is my logic.
     For those who have a person in mind, why not take a chance and risk it all today, how bad can it possibly go? Since it is Valentines day right. Besides, if you do get rejected, make up an excuse and say "I got dared." maybe the oldest trick in the book but, as long as you have confidence everything will go fine. I promise you**


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

 Merry Christmas! 

       So incredibly sorry for the major set back. I've been a bit busy with the endless assignments in school. Merry Christmas! I know it's not actually Christmas day yet for my folks but you can never be too early for this holiday right? I would've posted a while back if I wasn't doing some work wrapping presents. Love doing things for the charity.
   Well, how have you guys been? I mean, I've been pretty good, hopefully you guys are the same. If I might say so myself, I feel accomplished for getting through to Christmas break and feeling like I've actually deserved it. As long as I'm here online I'm finally starting to realize how relaxation feels again ( Shout out to Netflix). This comes out as a surprise but, I'm done working on my latest story. I've been working on it for a couple of months and posted it online about four or five days ago. You're welcome to check it out but, I refuse to give you the link due to the amount of embarrassment I have hidden away.
     Since I haven't kept in touch with you guys in the longest time, I'll sacrifice my new years resolution to being a better blogger. Did I say sacrifice, no. I meant promise ... yeah.
 Merry Christmas guys, love y'all!

Saturday, 14 September 2013


     So how's it been? School's back or maybe for some people it's college/ Uni. Either way, the busiest part of every year is back. How do you feel about it? Okay I know it's not like you care about sharing your feelings at the moment but, it was a rhetorical question so you can think not comment. My first two weeks have gone pretty well, I probably only learned like 4 of the schools wings but, it's okay ... hopefully things will improve. I got an A+ on the first test of the year and let me say: Damn I feel good. 

   Here's the first tip when it comes to homework, never ever procrastinate till the last minute. Procrastinate to the last hour . Okay no, no, no. I'm kidding. Sometimes Procrastination is for the better. I for one think procrastination is such a beautiful being but, why do people do it so often? Here's the answer: Hard work. Nobody wants to do it so instead they have fun and do it last the reason of procrastination is because lots of people do things better under pressure. Then again some people are just plain  lazy like me :) 


Monday, 2 September 2013


     Hey guys, its your blogger speaking here. So how was your summer? Mine was pretty fun (Not being ostentatious or anything) but it couldn't have gotten any better. Even though half of my summer was reserved going to summer school, I had a blast! Who knew being on educational grounds would actually be fun. I obviously met a lot of new people, learned a bit of new things and met some of my new future teachers although I STILL have no idea about the classes in my school. Clueless and proud, that should be a thing.
   I accomplished a lot this summer that connects to this year. Hopefully you can accomplish a lot too because its not like you can live online all the time. Have a nice day tomorrow, good luck to everyone!