Friday, 9 February 2018

Michi + Shiro

Hello again, and it's Friday which means story time. I hope you've all been great! xo.

Shiro Takenake. That boy. What a strange boy? One that I admired. This is the last thing I thought would ever happen, to care for another person besides myself. That's all I've been taught my whole life, it's only me, myself and I in this life- that's all that will stay. Two weeks have passed and suddenly my chest pains at the thought of this boy. It's the sort of pain that feels so good you want more. This is pain to me but I believe that this is only the burning desire I have for him. I want to be with him for a long time- he makes me a better me.
"Mom?" I walked around the apartment looking for her. She was in the dining room sitting on the floor, there was a dusty powder on the tip of her nose. She was drinking a can of soda.
"You look nice." She said with a raspy voice, she sounded sore. That was the first compliment she's told me in a long time.
"I am going out, with a boy." I smiled. "I'll be back." I twirled around in my yellow sundress for her to see. She cracked a smile and waved a short goodbye.
That was right, today Takenake and I made plans to spend time together, just us two. I promised him that I would show him around the city and introduce him to my favourite places.
On the way down the stairs from my apartment building side door, a girl was just making her way up the stairs. She looked a bit ragged and beaten up.
"Please hold the door open." She said quietly rushing up the stairs, she looked about my age with running mascara and tear-filled eyes. I did as she said without a word and watched her enter the building "Thank you." She coughed.
I stepped down the stairs and went about my way but just as I had gotten to the sidewalk I seen an older man walking my way with his pants unbuckled. I noticed him looking in every alley before me. I continued walking toward him and went into the nearest alley, sure enough he followed and stalked towards me about to pull down his pants. I smiled, how pathetic.
Just as he came in front of me, I kicked him between the legs and slung my purse strap around his neck. He was crouched over which made it easier for me to tighten my grip. He started choking and coughing for air. I thought of letting go but then he started gripping my leg. I kneed him hard in the face and slammed his body into the ground. Then took his wallet and left his body there. He was nearly dead.
I quickly ran out of the alley, took the money from his wallet and went back into my building, the girl was sitting there at the side of the lobby. I wondered what she was there for. I walked up to her and crouched down, she looked up at me. I handed her the mans wallet, when she opened it and only took out the I.D I knew that he had hurt her and she was going to report it.
"Thank you." She stood up, wiping tears from her eyes. I looked at her and nodded.
"There are cruel people in this life." I said. I stood up and stepped back but crashed into someone behind me. I turned around to see a man that probably came to see the girl, I stepped out of his way and watched as they hugged for a long time, she cried into his shoulder.
It was time for me to meet Takenake, I told him I'd be at the park by 2pm and I was already five minutes late. As I reached the grassy area, I heard him call me.
"Hey Tsunade! Over here!" His voice echoed from in front of the water fountain. I walked over to him.
"Greetings!" I smiled at him, "Sorry I'm late, I was just taking care of something."
"No worries, I got here a minute or so ago myself." He itched the back of his head nervously with a smile.
"Where do you want to head to first?" I asked. "Oh, I have an idea!" I piped and quickly grabbed his hand.
"Where are we headed Tsunade!?" He asked. Without a say I dragged him to the ice cream shop across the street.
"Ice cream shop." I said, "This one is the best one around, they sell any flavour you can think of!" 
"What about Strawberry?" He asked.
"That one is my favourite too." I smiled.
We purchased our cones and stepped out to venture the city. I showed him all of the best places around like the best restaurants, parks, and places to bring friends. It was a day that was well spent together, the four hours felt so short.
"When are you gonna uncover my eyes Tsunade?" He asked.
"Just until we get to my favourite place here." I said. It was hard to cover his eyes with our bit of a height difference but I made it work. "And were here!" I uncovered his eyes to reveal the cherry blossom park.
It was a small park that rarely ever had visitors, there was a small stream with a bridge over it and a gazebo along with a couple of cherry blossom trees.
"It's pretty nice here." Takenake looked around in awe.
"Yes, this is my favourite place to be." I smiled.
I took a seat on a nearby bench, and watched him stare at the park. It looked like he was enjoying the scenery more than I was. Then he took a seat next to me on the bench.
"Tsunade." He said quietly, I looked at him.
"Well I've thought about it and I think that maybe we should refer to each other by our first names now ..." He looked at me.
"You think so? I refer to you by your last name as a form of respect." I said, tilting my head.
"Well yeah, I know- I just thought that because we've been around each other a lot lately that we could change it up." He smiled.
"So then I call you Shiro from now on?" I asked. "Shiro" I said under my breath.
"For sure, and if you don't mind, then I can call you Michi." He said, watching some of the petals fall from the cherry blossom tree above.
When he said my name, it sounded better than when anyone else said it. He made everything sound so much nicer than usual.
Suddenly I laughed and he looked over at me like I was crazy.
"What are you so happy about?" He laughed. I shook my head and gazed at him. The sun reflected off of his silky hair and his eyes seemed to sparkle. He was lovely.
"I'm very fond of you Shiro." I smiled and swung my feet off the bench. He looked at me and blushed a bit.
"What makes you so fond of me?" He asked.
"I'm not so sure myself, but I know that you're fond of me too." I smiled and blushed. Then I watched him turn a bright red and I began to laugh some more.
It fell quiet and we sat there admiring the cherry blossom trees some more.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Writing or Venting?

Happy Wednesday everyone, hopefully the snow has brightened everyone's spirits! This is typical Canadian weather, woot! Anyways, today's blog topic is something I swear by. 
Emotional ups and downs caused by seasonal conditions are the worst, it just makes me want to curl up in bed and stay there for days at a time. I don't mind the snow but the cold is inevitable if that makes any sense to you? If you are in any way like me then you have a lot of things you want to talk about but don't have much socializing time due to what ever reason. That's why I swear by keeping a journal. Whether it be for venting, doodling or useless writing I've gone through endless journals, endless pages filled back and front from cover to cover. Keeping a journal or diary (what ever you may want to call it) is so healthy, it's like taking all of the build up from your brain and throwing it out- on pages. Even if you're a busy person writing down little bits of your day and things that have crossed your mind are always great things to to. It keeps your brain active, allows you to explore your thoughts, improves your writing and helps you keep a log on decisions you've made in your past. It's pretty fun to go back and read old entries too, you get to see the progress that has been and can focus on how you want to better yourself.
My point is to invest in an empty book where you can empty your thoughts, it's completely worth it I can promise you that! I mean you could just talk about anything with whomever you wish but a journal gives you a better way of arranging things. Looks like I'll see you all back here on Friday then :) Remember, my social media, comments section and direct messages are always open for those who need! xo.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Michi Tsunade

As promised, here is chapter two of my story; Happy Friday everyone! :) xo
I am the product of a morphine-addict and a schizophrenic; or so I'm told. Michi Tsunade, your average high schooler just entering her third year. School has never been a problem for me, nothing has ever been a problem for me, except people. Sometimes people can be cruel with no reason and that's what I don't like about this life; you are born and forced to live with these cruel people without a choice. Why must it be like that?
Everyday is the same. I live in an almost-empty apartment around the corner from school which just happens to be the darkest place in the city. I put on my uniform and tie half of my waist-length hair up with a ribbon.
"Bye mom, I'm going to school." I crack open her bedroom door enough to see her lounging on her futon sleeping. She opens an eye and groans.
"Where's my syringe?" She manages to say half asleep.
"I haven't seen it." I shrugged, closing her bedroom door and making my way to the front door.
As I unlock the front door, it hits something on the ground. Just my luck that I happen to find what my mother is looking for. It's full with the good stuff she loves. Reluctantly, I pick it up and put it in my bag. It's time that she stops, I don't know how many of these things I'll have to steal and break before she notices that it's me and not the visitors she brings in the house.
I go down the stairs and already pass people watching me. It's a short walk to school but like I said, this is the darkest place in the city. Footsteps begin to trace mine but I don't look back yet. I turn a corner into an alley to see if the footsteps will follow, sure enough they do.
"Hey princess." He says, coming closer behind me. Before he can do anything, I don't hesitate to take my mothers syringe out of my bag and jab it in his neck.
I inject it all into him and watch his body collapse into a seizure. He must have had some other drug in his system to react like that. I pluck the needle out of his neck, drop it and crush it under my foot- wouldn't want my mother to be in trouble. Once his body stops shaking I pick his pockets, open his wallet and take what cash he has left, then kick the man into the darkness of the alley and leave. It was only self defense, he probably would have hurt me if I didn't do that and I am untouchable.
Soon I reach school. The tan coloured building is the only thing going for me right now. When I enter, I'm greeted by my few friends Rei, Karin and Takata.
"Hi Michi!" They say all together in sync like always.
"Greetings friends." I smile.
"Why do you always talk like that? We are friends, you can loosen up a bit you know." Rei bumped into my arm playfully.
"I know we are friends, there isn't a problem with me speaking like this though." I looked at her and smiled.
"And you're always smiling, calm down will you." Takata laughed.
"Well she's just proper, leave her." Said Karin, linking arms with me. We share the same first class together.
The bell rang for class and we split up. Math was my favourite class which was why I was never late for school, Karin and I are in all advanced classes so we practically share textbooks for all of school, she's nearly as intelligent as I am.
"Good morning class, I'd like to introduce our newest student Shiro Takenake to the academy. He's an outstanding mathematician one of the smartest minors in the city. I'd like you all to welcome him." Mrs. Shen explained and gestured for the student to take the empty seat next to me.
After a short math lesson I felt someone staring at me heavily. I thought it was Karin but, when I looked behind me, she was asleep on top of her textbook. She was probably up studying late last night. Then I looked to my left and sure enough the new student was looking my way, he quickly reverted his eyes, but I continued to gaze at him. He was in the middle of completing a series of complex math equations, it was in a workbook I'd never seen before.
"It's from Mrs. Shen." He suddenly said quietly. "She wants me to train as much as possible for something I'm getting into next week." He looked at me and smiled weakly.
"Oh." I nodded looking at the simple work on my desk compared to his.
It went quiet between us, he probably had no idea who I was to make me feel any lower than him but then again, maybe he was like Karin- a little senseless.
"I hate this." He randomly murmured clenching a handful of his hair.
"What's wrong?" I asked, concerned.
"I hate math." He smiled sarcastically at the work on his desk and closed the workbook with his eyes closed. "My parents want to make something of me by making me perform like a math genius but, I'm tired of seeing numbers every corner I turn, you know what I mean?" He asked and looked over at me.
"No." I said flatly, "I enjoy problem solving." He suddenly looked at me strangely and shifted his body to face me.
"You must be Tsunade." He said. "Mrs. Shen said that you were my only competition in this school. I'm Sh-"
"I know who you are, Takenake." I cut him off and smiled, he sighed and chuckled. "I suppose I am your only competition but, I don't do the things that you do, I just have good grades."
"Shiro Takenake." He stuck out his hand.
"Michi Tsunade." I smiled and shook his hand firmly. Our eyes seemed to lock for a minute and in that moment it felt like I could see something with this boy.
The bell rang for second class, I decided to wake up Karin and we made our way to psychology together. Although I didn't particularly like this class the topics were seemingly interesting and different everyday. I took my seat, Karin took hers and suddenly, Takenake took a seat in front of me.
"It looks like you and I can share schedules." He said quietly.
I smiled to myself and reached in my bag to grab my schedule then I tapped him on the shoulder. He already knew I was handing it to him so he took it and opened it up then handed me his.
"Well then ... it really does look like we can share schedules." I laughed to myself a bit only to see all matching classes between him and I.
"What a coincidence." He folded my schedule and handed it back to me.
"Hm, Takenake, what's this? It looks like you have two extra classes? One before school even starts and another during lunch time." I said curiously.
"Oh, no those are training classes." He chuckled and took his schedule back.
"Looks like your hands are all full hm." I said quietly. I couldn't believe the amount of time he takes for this math he doesn't even like.
"These classes aren't even the least of it if that's what you're thinking hm ... I have night school and classes over the weekends too. I train more than I sleep." He smiled.
I didn't understand, how he could smile about something he truly hated. Then again, maybe he was just kidding or wanted to make his parents proud. If it was for his parents, I still wouldn't understand seeing as how dysfunctional mine are.
Eventually lunch time rolled around, Rei, Karin, Takata and myself always ate lunch together but because Takenake followed me out of our third class I decided that I'd eat with him instead.
"Say, don't you have a class right about now?" I tapped a finger over my lips in thought.
"Well, I suppose but I warned Mrs. Shen that I probably wouldn't be able to make it today- I mean, I want to enjoy my first day here right?" He chuckled, "Math definitely doesn't play a part in that ..."
"Hey, I don't appreciate you trashing my favourite class while you're with me you know!" I smiled, "Have some respect for me at least." I fake sighed as a joke.
"You're one funny girl." He pat my head with his hand gently.
No ones ever spoken to me as comfortably as he has before, it almost felt like I knew him or something. He's so strange but, I like it. Then I noticed we were on our way into the cafeteria.
"No." I suddenly stopped and tugged his uniform sleeve.
"Hm?" He readjusted his bag strap on his shoulder and looked at me.
"I usually don't eat in the cafeteria, the courtyard is more pleasant ... I think it's nicer looking too." I smiled, "Oh, well, unless you want to eat in there?"
"No. That's okay, where were you talking about?" He faced me.
We walked the opposite way and started making our way outside to the courtyard. It was so much more peaceful out there and it barely rained so the weather was always nice. We took a seat in the shade of a tree and I began to take out my lunch.
"Takenake, why did you choose to come to this school?" I asked, taking a bite from my sandwich. He took out a sandwich similar to mine and a drink.
"It was recommended for me because this academy specializes in math programs." He shrugged taking a bite from his sandwich. "This place opens up a door to my future."
"Perhaps." I nodded.
"Tsunade." He said under his breath. I looked over at him.
"Yes?" I questioned.
"You're the first person to befriend me here." He said in all seriousness, "I'm not sure how long this will last though, I'm always moving..." He took a bite of his sandwich.
"W-what?" I asked, confused. "Is it because of your parents?" He nodded as a response.
"But hell, I'll stay for you!" He looked over at me and smiled. "I can tell we will make a great team, you and I!" He caressed the top of my head.
I wasn't sure why but, I thought the same way. For some odd reason, I knew that Takenake and I would be something great together.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

For the Women!

And I'm back as promised, it's Wednesday evening, not the best weather in Toronto right now but if you're reading this, you're lucky enough :) This post isn't made to be too uplifting today just something that I chose to speak about considering all the stuff coming out in the media right now. It's come to my attention that things like harassment, sexual assault and similar issues are very much in the limelight right now. The #MeToo campaign and awareness is something so incredible. It's really amazing to see these courageous people and assault survivours (I'd rather say survivours than victims) come out and seek justice while being oppressed. Nothing is stopping them and that's how it should be. Well, yesterday on the way home from one of my evening classes I witnessed something a bit off on public transit. There was a woman that was sitting next to an old man with a bit of the shakes. His hand was shaking an awful lot though somehow it still ended up on the woman's leg. That's when he suddenly stopped shaking. The woman moved over on her seat further away from him. He placed his hand on her leg again (mind you, she's wearing a skirt with nylons underneath). This time she put her hands over his and personally moved it. She was clearly uncomfortable and the bus was pretty full so there wasn't any room for her to stand. It was a bit disturbing to see this happen because it was painfully awkward and the woman didn't say anything but as soon as the bus emptied a bit she moved seats. I know it doesn't make me right to be a bystander and see this happen but it was relatively fast and with her expressions I knew she had it handled, still I beg if anyone ever sees something like this anywhere, say something if you're able. Harassment is harassment, some people are gross, it happens and it needs to stop right!

Friday, 26 January 2018

Michi Tsunade + Shiro Takenake

He stood there looking at me in fright, what could I say? There was nothing to do, he caught me red handed and there was nothing I could tell him to convince him that this wasn't what he thought this was.
Oh God, what now?
The only one I cared about most stares at me with disgust.
" Michi ..." He says, looking down at me, his eyes are glistening, he is so lovely. "What the hell is going on here?"
" Don't sound so scared Shiro, it's fine, everything is fine." I shook my head. "Everything is fine."
Blood streamed from my bangs onto my face and dripped on the floor. The room was so quiet, I couldn't stand it. Dropping my knife on the ground I ran to hug Shiro but he pushed me away.
" Don't touch me!" He yelled. "Go away, please ..." Shiro turned away and shuddered, hugging his arms.
" Come on Shiro it was an accident," I smiled "it's not like I meant to do that, besides, this won't be for long anyways, now please let me hug you." I reached out to him and stood there helplessly as he made no effort to even look my way.
" I don't want to play anymore Michi ..." I could see the tears beginning to form in his eyes. "This isn't right." He wiped his face with his sleeve.
" It won't last for much longer ... please, just-"
" I said no." He cut me off coldly. "This isn't for me, I did not sign up for this." Shiro looked at me with sorrow in his eyes. "Let's end it."
" What? No." I cried. "You know what that means when we end it ... please, play just a bit longer Shiro we can do this together. Why don't you believe in me. I know we can do it together if you would just let me help you a bit longer ..." I walked closer to him and stared him in the eye. "You know the consequences."
" Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Shiro pushed me back and I fell into a pool of blood that wasn't my own. He cringed at the sound of the puddle splashing. "What have you done?" He suddenly sunk to his knees and sobbed.
" I promise when this is over we can have a better life." I pushed myself up to comfort him by rubbing my hand on his back. "We will be happy together."
No response.
Shiro took his face out of his palms to reveal blood smeared on his hands.
" What's wrong?" I asked, looking at his hands. He stayed quiet until I peered at his expressionless face and realized that he was trying to peel off his skin. It seemed as though my love was going mad.
He suddenly lunged for the knife on the floor amidst the pool of blood and I managed to pull him away. He continued to reach for it as I began kicking him to stay away. We wrestled on the bloody floor slipping and sliding all over the place until we were covered in red head to toe. I kicked the knife to my end of the room as we both stood up looking at each other angrily.
" Don't do this ..." I said. "Please!" I was out of breath. This was making me tired and blood was beginning to emit from my injuries. My thigh was aching from the stitches that were bursting open. I cried out in pain and clasped my leg with my hand quickly.
We both ran over to the knife but, I managed to get there first and slid my body across the floor to cover it. There was no way of him reaching it unless I rolled over. By this time, the stitches in my leg were completely busted open and I started to cry out in pain. Shiro let out a frustrated yell when he couldn't get a hold of the knife.
"Why are you doing this!?" He yelled out to me, standing on his feet shakily.
"I don't want a life without you Shiro." I said quietly coughing up blood. I could feel myself succumbing to my injuries. The stitches in my leg were completely open and there was an underlying pain coming from my gut.
"It doesn't have to end like this ... we are in this together aren't we?" A beat of his sweat dropped on my arm. "Aren't we!?" He sounded crazy for the first time and kicked my side violently.
"Yes." I responded, trying my best to stand up. It was so hard to even push myself up.
Finally, I got to my feet, my leg was streaming blood and I could feel my body trembling but I still held up straight. I wiped my face with my arm and stared at Shiro, he sighed and closed his eyes. Was it over? I wondered. He stretched out his arms and I smiled through the pain to give him a hug. He squeezed me tightly in his warm embrace then suddenly, a sharp pain in my stomach. Shiro grunted, he felt it too.
"A double edged knife." I said with my last breath. I felt the moisture of his tears soaking the side of my face.

Story Time!

Well, it's been a week and surprisingly, results have come in. Like I said,I really am planning on staying consistent with my blog posts this year so we're gonna see how long this goes! I'm kidding, hopefully this goes for as long as possible at least till I'm ready to officially log off. It seems that I will be going forward with releasing my story on here, I'm excited for you all to view it, I'll be updating it once a week. Perhaps normal update posts on Wednesdays and story updates on Fridays. I'll also put my story up in a different text so you'll all be able to differentiate-not that anything in this story would EVER be real for me lol. 
The story doesn't actually have a title yet, I'm very picky with it but, feel free to leave suggestions or comments or any sort of feedback in the comments or in my direct messages, I'm always up for some critique! In case any of you were wondering I'm also on Wattpad which is where I'll eventually post the whole story after I name it. 
The first chapter will be posted after this one, there's no particular setting for it but the characters are of Japanese descent (I've been writing like they live in Japan but obviously I've never been so things might sound a bit on and off).
Anyways, feel free to reach me in the comments or through social media! xo.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Major Question;

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Hopefully the new year has brought new happiness and success to you all, it's been one hell of a ride in 2017 and honestly this year isn't looking too good from what's shown up so far in the media ... it could be worse I suppose. The chilly weather here in Toronto is also not too good, though Mother Nature is working her (slow but sure) magic. It's been a few months, talk about a bad blogger host, I apologize for being distant- things have been pretty up and down these past few months but I'm making this place a top priority for you loyal viewers! ;) 
Now I've got a serious question on the table here and I've gathered information from many other of my "fans"- I guess you could say- my inboxes on social media have been pretty busy so I want to ask: If I were to post a story (or multiple) on here, would that be of any interest to anyone? I just don't want to waste my blog space if you aren't interested or let anyone down if they're expecting my constant updates haha! I've been writing this particular story for a couple of months now and it's something modern, new, kind of creepy and a bit of romance. I've always been a big writer but, this story is probably one of my best and one I've been most serious about. 
In the particular one I'd like to upload, it has much to do with fictional police corruption and family drama- next level- family drama actually! It's quite interesting to many people I've given a taste to, that's why I'm curious if I should share lol! Certainly let me know on any of my social media (instagram: @hithereimlynn // Twitter: @Hithereimlynn) or simply in the comments and my inbox! Also, to those who are curious, don't worry- there will be normal updates along with any potential writing I may have here, thanks for reading! xo